/Battle of the Kaiju! Two monsters hit New York
51 Astor Place

Battle of the Kaiju! Two monsters hit New York

We would love to see the two new buildings downtown go at it like King Ghidorah and Godzilla.

The first is Fumihiko Maki’s black box at Astor Place. It’s giant presence on a small square makes you feel like you are under the tread of Godzilla’s large foot. The old plaza where many coffee shops, including Starbucks, used to invite NYU students, the feeling of an outsider is acute. The heavily angled mass of glass and the most barren and rigid public landscaping since Zuccotti Park makes every NY’er feel as though Godzilla’s atomic breath has scorched the earth permanently.

The second is SOM’s New School across town. King Ghidorah, if you don’t know, is a 3-headed dragon with armor-like scales and can fire gravity bolts from it’s mouths. It’s sustainable, since it collects solar energy its wings. Except for the 3 heads, it sounds like the new building at 5th Avenue and 14th Street.

51 Astor Place
51 Astor Place (photo from Archidose)

Who do you think would win?










New School University Center 65 Fifth Avenue
New School University Center at 65 Fifth Avenue
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah

Jody is an architecture student who is contributing to Barkitecture throughout her years in school. Good luck Jody! We hope your critics don't pull apart your model. (Do students even make real models anymore?)