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ICFF 2012 in review

Stone Source at Boffi invitation
Did you get one of these? I did.

Last month, the ICFF had another hugely successful showing at New York’s Javits Center. Frankly I missed the whole thing. I chose to go to the raucous parties at showrooms around New York City. So I drank, and chatted and ate, and slept in the whole day. Just check out this list!

The parties butter up young architects and designers to recommend the products in the showroom. I’m sure it’s just like the parties in DC, where lobbyists cater to politicians. Just like first term congressmen, the guests flock to the champagne and petit fours, so the smart showrooms have the items they want to push near the kitchen. Oddly, at Boffi, where the whole place is full of kitchens, all the treats came from the most congested area, so we were all squeezed in to one little spot, like bats on the coldest stalactite. Not that I cared. Who doesn’t like to rub up against cute, stylish architects?

party animal ICFF 2012
Couldn’t describe it any better

An event like this is not a place to find a client if you’re a designer. It’s a pretty sweet place to hang out with your comrades to bitch about your bosses, and your clients, while getting a nice buzz. The key is to get there early or late so you don’t have to battle for it. Lucky for us, it’s a great opportunity to promote our web-zine.