/“Schools in the Sky” proposal launches new child parachute businesses
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“Schools in the Sky” proposal launches new child parachute businesses

schools in the sky
Schools in the Sky proposal

The remarkable proposal to locate three-to-ten story yellow box schools atop skyscrapers around New York has garnered a lot of fans in the architecture world. The idea, after winning honorable mention at the “rooftops, why not?” ideas competition was the brain child of architects Filipe Magalhaes, Ana Luisa soares and André Vergueiro. (Link to designer’s website)

Thanks to the promise of children occupying the city’s heights, small businesses in Willets Point, Queens have begun to open, offering child sized parachutes. The growth of this community includes manufacturers of the fabric, the harnesses and even the  instruction booklets.

A true economic boom could arise. As most of the top floor apartments were slated to be vacated after the global financial crisis, the opportunity to add structure couldn’t come at a better time. However, that the wealthiest among us have managed to stay that way, may be a damper to these plans.

Schools in the Sky view from Brooklyn Heights
Schools in the Sky view from Brooklyn Heights


Advertising has already begun for these new companies. When we called Kid’s Kapes, their spokesman claimed, “there’s really no better way to get a classroom full of children down fifty or more stories during a fire than pushing them out the window with their very own parachute! Just imagine all the fun they will have. The little ones will be looking forward to the fire drills; I guarantee it.”

parachute logo
Children’s Parachute Logo

T-shirts are available on Zazzle.

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