/The Client’s Dog Relieved Itself in our Conference Room
Golden Retriever Gold Rush

The Client’s Dog Relieved Itself in our Conference Room

I’m sure you have all had this problem. You have an arrogant client who wears hoodies to meetings, double parks his SUV outside, and brings his golden retriever into your office. But what can you do? Times are tough and he’s shits gold.

Above, Gold Rush, spoiled Golden Retriever

So you open up your private bathroom to him, you use your finest silver to bring cups of coffee and water, and you smile. He brings his equally arrogant staff and his top adviser, Gold Rush. The dog at least acknowledges the staff, who are busting their asses for this guy. But, it means that Goldy’s traipsing around your office sniffing their butts from beneath their aeron chairs.

When all holes have been accounted for, the dog chooses to join us, raises its leg and pees all over the low-hanging drawings and on to the floor. If this was your dog, what would you do? Apologize maybe? Not this snot. He doesn’t even blink while my staff gets up from the table and streaks to the pantry for some paper towels. They know not to use the fine towels I have in my bathroom. They made that mistake once already.