/Review: Jeanne Gang monograph: Reveal

Review: Jeanne Gang monograph: Reveal

Studio Gang "Reveal"
Studio Gang "Reveal"

For the most part we really liked this book. The images are typically beautiful, diagrams self-explanatory, and the text clear.  In spite of all this, it takes a different approach towards presentation of an architect’s work.

It has a limited number of projects. The narrative digresses into side stories about materials, site conditions and other project considerations. So much so, that it took me nine months to read.

I don’t really like to read. Since the origin of the blog, I look at the pictures, maybe a plan or section, even a diagram. Why do I have to read?

If I could use diagrams to write this review, I would. All the diversions, like rambling of your grandmother, into the making of a samurai sword, where to find dead pigeons, blah blech blah. I’m not in studio anymore. I sit in an office. We don’t have the luxury of doing “research.”

I know this book is about a MacArthur fellow, but show me some renderings or some pretty pictures from which I can use to steal design ideas , not actual ideas.

I give this book a reluctant 4 out of 5 barks because my favorite professor would have said it was good. Thanks to the internet, we all know how to skim.

Get yours today:

Title: Reveal: Studio Gang Architects

Author: Jeanne Gang

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

Publication date: 6/20/2011

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