/Hard Rock is the 2011 trend of the year!

Hard Rock is the 2011 trend of the year!

My my, hey hey, Hard Rock Architecture is here to stay!

Sunset Chapel by Bunker Arquitectura. Acapulco, Mexico
Sunset Chapel by Bunker Arquitectura. Acapulco, Mexico

It’s official, the Barkitecture staff has selected the Hard Rock gesture in architecture the trend of the year! It just barely beat out Swooshiness, which would have been our first quintuple winner, having taken home the award from 2006 through 2010. (The Zig-Zag won last year.)

What could be more appropriate in a year of political and economic turmoil? The Arab Spring, the near collapse of the Euro, and the debt ceiling debacle in Washington are signals of great hope and equally great despair.

A rock may represent a foundation, the beginning of something new. It may also be a symbol of solidity, the unbreakable will of a people.

Additionally, when the political rhetoric is flying or the aspirations of a people are in the clouds, it reminds us to be grounded.

Then again, there is mystery embedded in the mass. As our editor puts it, “Hard Rock Architecture combines the stable and calming aspects of mass with the mystical and spiritual qualities of  balance. The gesture of the year for 2011 satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement.”

While Swooshiness had two high-profile towers, Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street, and Jeanne Gang’s Aqua Tower, it wasn’t enough to overcome the mass movement, or the movement of mass.

For more projects like these, see “Hard Rock” in our “trendspotting” section.

Wellington Airport by Studio Pacific Architecture
Wellington Airport by Studio Pacific Architecture. Wellington, New Zealand
Ordos Museum by MAD in Ordos, China
Ordos Museum by MAD. Ordos, China