/that same Christmas tree drawing is in my inbox again

that same Christmas tree drawing is in my inbox again

Happy Holidays everyone!

Once again it feels like the year went by in a flash. We are all giddy, drinking egg nog at our desks. (Who said the 5 martini lunch was a thing of the past?) And we are getting all those hilarious architecture joke emails coming in as they do at this time of year.

Christmas CAD Drawing
Ha ha ha, isn't that just histerical? So clever! (not)

Okay, I have to admit that it’s pretty much one joke. And it’s the Christmas tree drawn up with dimensions and details like a real construction project. I have a few questions:

First. who has the time to do this? And why would you, especially if it’s going to just travel the internet? You’d think it would be on the front of a card every architect’s mother would get for us. Could have been a real money maker, and paid for some poor sap’s student loans.

Second, can a contractor really build from this? Look at this drawing. Really.

There’s no indication on where to locate the tree, only minimum dimensions. And by the way, there’s no ornament spec, just a note saying to paint the ones that don’t match. Match what? Also, who secures presents to the floor? It would certainly be funny to watch the kids try to pull them off the floor, but it’s not really in the Christmas spirit, is it?

Looking at the fireplace, there are no details on the stocking connection. No indication on where or how to hang them. Why isn’t there a note requiring the cookies plate to be the appropriate size for the mantle? It could easily fall when a few cookies are taken. Wouldn’t a huge crash wake the kids?

The live load on the roof only indicates the weight of the sleigh, reindeer and the fat man, but fails to consider the added load associated with momentum and the possibility of snow. Hello!

And why would you indicate “Chestnut Roasting Season Ends December 24”? How is that even relevant?

I can’t even imagine the change orders.