/That kid fell asleep and is totally hogging the sofa again

That kid fell asleep and is totally hogging the sofa again

You know how it is. Deadline approaching, big crit tomorrow. You’ve been up for almost two days straight and you need 10 minutes of shut-eye. You head over to the ratty sofa and that dude who’s always stoned is passed out on it. I think he even left early last night. Oh man, he’s drooling too.


Dude hoggin the sofa
dude hoggin the sofa

Just look at that. Do I even want to touch that sofa after seeing him scratch himself? Now, he’s clearly too hot, because he took Who knows when he last washed his hair? He’s probably got hot glue and resin creating a birds’ nest on his head.

slobbering dog
dude's slobbering dog

Oh great. He just rolled over to reveal is dog is underneath him. You’ve heard of machine for living? This is a machine for slobbering.

So I go into another studio and find this:

shirtless hairy dude passed out
it could be worse
Coffee Vending Machine
my only salvation

Guess I’ll just head for the crap machine for making caffeine in the form of a warm brown liquid.


Jody is an architecture student who is contributing to Barkitecture throughout her years in school. Good luck Jody! We hope your critics don't pull apart your model. (Do students even make real models anymore?)