/Architect designs minimalist gem for her son
minimalism for kids

Architect designs minimalist gem for her son

Up-and-comer JY Cho designed a beautifully minimalist volume that even a child can enjoy.

“It’s not so bright that my child will go nuts. It’s simple, clean, functional.” She said. “I also like the idea of temporary constructions. There’s something beautifully poetic about something that can be taken down and recycled, or in this case, returned to the earth.”

Perfect in its simplicity and sustainability, it touches on many of the prevailing themes in today’s architecture. Further, consider the implications this could have. “This experimentation informs my architecture in general. I find it explores the notion of inside-outside, public-private, light-heavy, transformation and movement in architecture,” Cho adds.

Witnessing the child move around in the construction, open and close it’s doors—which Cho calls “flaps”—it’s easy to see what she is talking about.

Ms. Cho will be teaching a studio next winter, and she plans on incorporating her design into the lesson plan. “I think it would be a great experience for these kids, new to this way of considering architecture, to build a box and live in it, play with it for a time.”

We hope the beautiful simplicity rubs off on them!