/Interview with Student Interns

Interview with Student Interns

We recently spoke to some summer interns in New York about their experience. We’ve compiled some of the most enlightening responses below:

HOK Interns
HOK Interns

BarkitectureMag [BM]: How does the workplace differ from the studio?
Student Intern [SI]: The biggest difference I noticed is that when someone takes my pen, or my highlighter in the office, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to throw a fit and hunt them down. I can just go to the storage closet and get another. But if the damn office manager hasn’t ordered new pens, and the closet is bare, all hell breaks loose.

[BM]:  There’s a different set of pressures in the workplace, right?
[SI #2]:  Yeah, but I like how I can get paid while tweeting and surfing the Net now, and download stuff onto the office computer so I don’t have to worry about getting viruses on my own laptop.

[BM]: What did you learn about working with others?
[SI#3]: I found that some people were amazing at being total a-holes in the office while being able to charm the corset off a queen out in public.

[BM]: What insight into the profession did you gain from this experience?
[SI#4]: Some people have a really weird idea of what colors should equal what certain line weights. Since when was it a good idea to use a brown as a halftone?

[BM]: What insight into the profession did you gain from this experience?
[SI#5]: I can work all day on a single rendering, just watching the screen, and they think I’m awesome! Suckers! Maybe someday I’ll get paid for it.

[BM]: Do you feel the office respected your dignity?
[SI#6]: When my uncomfortable, but cool-looking chair was thrown at my head, I figured dignity wasn’t a high priority.

Thanks to all the interns who agreed to talk to us!