/Exclusive SMS Interview with Zaha Hadid

Exclusive SMS Interview with Zaha Hadid

Zaha SMS Interview


Bark: Good morning Ms. Hadid. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

Zaha: Yes. Get on with it.

Bark: Have you always wanted to be an architect?

Zaha: I always wanted to be an artist, but my parents insisted I be a professional. A doctor, or lawyer preferably. So we compromised.

Bark: In fact, you became well known for your architectural paintings.

Zaha: That is true. It was because they didn’t sell that I had to start building.

Bark: did you not get any offers for them?

Zaha: You look hot in your black horse hair pants.

Bark: Err. Thanks.

Zaha: I’ll meet you at ten, after this stupid interview.

Bark: excuse me?

Zaha: Sorry, I text a lot and that happens sometimes.
Zaha: You asked about offers for my paintings. Of course I received many. But no one would meet the asking price.

Bark: What do you consider your finest work?

Zaha: the next one.

Bark: everyone says that. What do you really think?

Zaha: okay. All of them are masterpieces. They are each brilliant in their own way. Corb had the Maison Domino and Ronchamp and Chandigarh. I am no different.

Bark: thank you for your honest answer.

Zaha: thank you reminding me of my older work, which made me famous. I really must be going. It is almost ten.

Bark: thank you, Zaha for agreeing to text with us today.

Bark: Ms. Hadid? Zaha?