/Breaking News: The Printer is Out of Yellow Ink!

Breaking News: The Printer is Out of Yellow Ink!

how did we miss the little red light?

It all started when the intern discovered that the images coming from the laser printer had an unusually red hue instead of the vivid orange of our dot-com-era palate.

The whole office went into sleuth mode. Some checked the printer settings, some checked the photoshop settings and some even the monitors. Eventually someone checked the printer. After an hour it was clear: we were out of yellow ink.

Hey, you! Stop yelling at the secretary! You can’t yell at her, even though she is supposed to order it, when noone bothered to tell her that the ink was low. Who was to blame? We all were.

Still, the problem needs to be solved. Where can we get yellow ink for this printer in the next ten minutes? The boss is waiting to take these to a presentation.

Oh man….. I’m gonna pee my pants. That’s it! I’m gonna pee in this ink cartridge and hope it works.

the culprit